We believe in technology and progress. We believe there are no limits
and what we do is try to innovate better every day.

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About Us

In our vision is software that has to adapt itself to the company needs and progress. Software must cooperate with the users and do not obstacle the human creativity. In our vision softwares can think.

Aislogic develops personalized softwares and it solutions. Aislogic develops different kind of software like Apps for mobile phones and tablets, server side application and cross platform solution for the common used operating system. Our developers can support the customer in every step of the development process . All our projects are created using the most advanced languages and tecnique to ensure the maximun performance and the best user experience



We develop softwares and algorithm for Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning applications. Our research lab develops high powerful solutions for data elaboring , imaging and industrial solutions like vision systems, CAD/CAM , quality control and robotics.

Our A.I. systems are multi purpose. For this reason we provide high quality simulations and multiple scenario testing. Aislogic can provide retrofitting services for automate existing process and give to all the machine an intelligence.

All our solution are optimized also for : parallel computing , cloud computing and also embedded computing system.

Our Services

In our opinion tecnology is a cooperation among different fields and experiences. For this reason is necessary to transfer the knowledge from one to another. We think this loop is necessary to ensure the progress.


We write multi purpose script for different uses like network policy or data macros

Case Study

We make case study for our customer to ensure the maximum respects of their needs

Vision System

We develop personalized multi purpose vision system from quality control to surveillance

Bug Hunting

We offer bug hunting services and exploiting services for ensure our customer solution security

Audio Editing

Aislogic can develop personalized audio editing tools and software for industry and entratainment company


We develop softwares solution in over 27 different programming languages for any purpose

Security Assessment

We offer to our customer security assessment services and incident response services

Penetration Test

We make certified penetration tests on servers, networks , web app and general IT infrastructures

Optimize your workflow , develop your business and protect your company:


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Aislogic, Brescia (ITALY)

Numbers About Us

We think that there is no time for stop studying , we always continue to learn about new technologies and opportunities.

  • 892

    Studies Written
  • 9980

    Bug Hunted
  • 210

    Milions Lines of code written
  • 3845631

    Devices Protected